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Hi, I'm Julio


I live and work in the City of Tustin with my wife and our 7-year old son, who attends St. Cecilia Catholic School.   I was raised in St. Louis, MO, attending public schools, but have been a California resident for more nearly 30 years.

My family immigrated (legally) from Peru when I was 5 years old.  My parents, a doctor and lawyer, were seeking a better life for our family.  They believed that education and hard work, above all, would enable us to live the American dream.


I attended the Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government because I believed in the role of good government and public service.  Decisions should be based on good public policy and sound financial management practices.  Finally, leadership is about having the courage to make the right decision, for the right reasons, at the right time. 

I am an independent thinker.  I am interested in having an impact on local water policy. I am not interested in a political career.  

I believe that conservation of natural resources is the most pressing and critical policy issue that we face today.  Serving on the EOCWD Board will enable me to have a direct and meaningful impact on the environment.

In my spare time, I am an avid road cyclist, swimmer, foodie, Cub Scout leader, and Michigan Wolverine fan.  I am pro-cat (feline).  I am a policy wonk and numbers guys at heart and love learning from people who are passionate about their pursuits.

Please feel free to contact me – to find out why -  I’m not your typical candidate.


 Fiscal Discipline & Practical Solutions

In order to change the political landscape, we need capable leaders that take into consideration the long-term policy implications of each decision. 

We need capable leaders with real-world experience, that make decisions based on data and analysis, not politics.


As a municipal finance professional, I take a  systematic approach to problem-solving:   I view every decision through a financial lens,  based on rigorous and systematic analysis.  As  a former government executive, I understand how government works, in practice.   


I have the training and experience to help EOCWD with their most complex and challenging financial issues in order to make the right  policy decisions and help protect our natural resources.   


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